Why Kajabi Kicks All Contenders in the Crotch

Learn Why This is the Best F'N Online Commerce Platform in History

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Do you want the BEST way to create, market, sell, and deliver your ideas, products, or courses online?

You probably came from one of three sources:

  1. You know us and asked how we deliver our courses online.
  2. You’ve bought something from our website TCCII.com and want to know what kind of hamster wheel powers everything in the background.
  3. Many of our students are already experts and teachers in their own right: Yoga, meditation, science, wellness, physics, music, dance, medicine, nutrition -- you name it! If you want to share your knowledge with the world, learn from our $34,000 failures.

Some of you just want to skip the navel gazing and get right to the recommendation. I appreciate that so here’s my recommendation to you.

Your Best Bet is Kajabi

Get Kajabi, its better than anything else. Buy the one-year Growth Annual Plan. If you can’t afford that, buy the Growth Monthly Plan.

Believe me, you are way better off grabbing your privates and jumping into the one-year Growth Annual Plan. It gives you damn near everything you need (Including training!). Think of it as an investment, not an expense! (more on that later)

SPECIAL OFFER: Get a FREE trial of Kajabi along with Powerful Training with this special link.

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Why do I recommend Kajabi?

You want analysis and reasons? Sure, I got that in spades. So, grab a bottle of scotch and sit your ass down for an overly analytical and vulgar exposition about why

Kajabi Kicks All Contenders in the Crotch!


FULL DISCLOSURE: My company earns a small commission if you sign up through my link. It doesn’t cost you anything – you might even get a special deal, but it occasionally pays for a glass of champagne for the ladies. PS: If you have a problem with the concept of an affiliate commission, then you probably have no business starting an online business.

And for the record, we don’t make more money because you buy the one-year plan. We get less. I recommend it not for the money, but because I believe it’s the best option if you’re serious about your business.

WARNING: You may have noticed that I can be direct and sometimes profane. I wouldn’t blame any of you if you just closed your browser window now. You’ve been warned.

Since you’re still here, I’ll do my best to make this review of a kick ass technology platform informative, interesting and entertaining but keep in mind, we’re not talking about sex, wine, and rock-and-roll.

The 3 Things You Need to Make Money Online

Some people think the internet is dripping with opportunities for easy money – billions of ignorant people just waiting to throw their money away. If that’s you, then I’ve got some bad news to share.

Most people are savvy consumers. They’ve been so inundated with over the top hype and bullsh*t that they can spot a con a mile away.

If you want to market something online today, then you need to have 1) a good reason, 2) a kick ass offer, and 3) a FACE WRECKING marketing, sales, and delivery platform.

The first two I had in spades, but I struggled to find a platform that worked right.

How I got Lost in the Maze of Online Insanity

My name is Shawn Cartwright and together with Yinong Chong, we founded TCCII many years ago to help people change their lives.

We want to help our students Master their Energy and Master their Life. We’ve spent more than three decades honing our skills but realized that our impact would always be limited if we only teach a handful of people in traditional classroom settings.

That’s why we started making DVDs and CDs for our students – how old school is that?

But times have changed, and we’ve tried to change with them. Our first website was hard coded by me in HTML. Here’s my take on that:

“That was a pain in the mother f*in ass!”

Then we switched to WordPress and stitched together a half dozen different software packages with bailing wire and duct tape to try and make it all work. Here’s my in-depth analysis of how well that worked out:

“GD mother f*’n MOTHER F**K*R”

Can you tell I used to work construction and was an Engineer in a factory before I cleaned up my act, got an MBA, and job as a Management Consultant? (Just to be clear, although Yinong loves my choice of the Kajabi technology platform, she does not necessarily approve of my abuse of the King’s English. Let’s not mention this page to her, okay?)

This “FrankenPress” solution also cost an insane amount of money. It wasn’t just the expense of tech specialists. We needed to buy membership plugins, ecommerce plugins, security upgrades, backup storage, secure video hosting, email newsletter solutions, a CRM. And everything had to be stitched together like some sort of undead golem. At the end of the day it didn’t really work and was always breaking. And don’t get me wrong, I love the WordPress platform. It’s just not the best solution for what we’re talking about here.

I nearly went INSANE scouring the recesses of the web for months looking for a new solution. I felt like giving up, but then I remembered out mission. If I throw in the towel, how can we help anyone?

Fortunately, a friend mentioned Kajabi and a few other options.

Of course, being a Strategy and Operations expert, I spent more months studying the market and options such as Teachable, Thinkific, Infustionsoft, ClickFunnels.

Finally, I decided on Kajabi, and I’m glad I did. Actually, I knew Kajabi was the right choice right away, but I still went through the whole tedious GD analytical process anyway!

Now, even though I spent way too long analyzing everything, when I made the decision to go, I went all-in with a one-year, pre-paid subscription.

I’ll tell you why shortly. But first, let me tell you about Kajabi.

Every coin has two sides. Kajabi is like a big awesome gold dollar coin. It’s is way more valuable than it appears on the face, but you must know how to use it and why.

And I’m going to tell you!

One Platform to Rule them All

When you get Kajabi, you get to jettison all your old online business marketing providers. Seriously. Kajabi is an all in one solution. Of course, they don’t have the features that all your other specialized solutions providers have, but they have all the features you need. Plus, they’re constantly adding more.

Here's an Example

For many years I used WordPress for my blog and later for ecommerce with the WooCommerce plug-in. I loved the CMS (Content Management System) features of WordPress as well as the open platform and flexibility of the post editor. However, it required constant updating, dozens of specialized and paid plugins, and something was always F’N breaking! We had to pay for separate email provider, video hosting, themes, membership plugins, and specialized security services to prevent hacking and DOS (Denial of Service) attacks.

With Kajabi, I don’t have any of these worries because they do it for me. Literally, they do it.

NOTE: You don’t have to ditch your current commerce site if you don’t want too. Kajabi plays nice with just about everyone, so if you’ve got SquareSpace, Clickfunnels, or WordPress, etc, you can keep them and Kajabi will work with them.


Kajabi’s customer service is the best I have experienced outside of a bespoke tailor. Seriously. I’ve been a client of several technology providers and Kajabi blasts their ass back to the stone age like some sort of Fusion Powered Laser Reactor (Whatever the F*ck that is). They’re available 24/7 – which is great if you’re doing a side hustle or just like to burn the midnight oil. They also know the platform inside and out. Anytime I get confused, frustrated, or just want to know how to do something, I chat them up and they walk me through it – all without making me feel like an idiot. Bonus!

Here’s What You Get

  • Full Website: mobile responsive and constantly updated
  • Themes: free and customizable with several options, but go with the flagship “Premier” theme
  • Video Hosting: most solutions require you pay extra, not Kajabi. You get hosting free!
  • Online Course Platform: customizable methods to deliver content to your audience
  • Quiz/Assessments: monitor progress and get feedback in real time
  • Webinar Features: built in functionality to leverage webinars for sales and content delivery
  • Membership Site Platform: full resources to create a community and recurring revenue stream.
  • Comment/Forum: further enhance your offerings with interactive comments and forums
  • Blog: with easy to edit and update interface
  • Landing Pages: multiple configurations and options
  • Sale Pipelines/Funnels: this is their crown jewel and saves you a ton of time and money
  • Checkout Cart: easy to customize with built in cart abandonment features. BOSS!
  • Merchant Accounts: they integrate with Stripe and Paypal. That’s what you need!
  • Affiliate Programs: Kajabi has this built into the mid-tier and higher packages. You need this.
  • Email Services: forget having to pay a separate email provider, Kajabi does it for you
  • Automations: set it up once and let Kajabi do all the repetitive work. Sweet!
  • CRM: Kajabi has a Customer Management system built in. It has everything you need, but it’s not Salesforce. You don’t need Salesforce. If you did you wouldn’t be reading this page.
  • Security: this is huge if you’re selling online. Don’t take a chance and let Kajabi do it for you.
  • Bandwidth: included. Need I say more?
  • Analytics: they have all the stats you need and integrate with Google Analytics
  • Retargeting: you can use your retargeting pixel with Kajabi. If you don’t know what this is, then you need to get the the "Most Kick Ass of All Kick Ass Offers" and the special training that comes with it. (I'll link it down below.)
  • 3rd Party integrations: I like seeing that they do this, but quite frankly, I don’t give a F*CK. I want an all in one solution and if I wanted to integrate this and that and hire programmers and write Zaps or some other S**T until I created another kind of modern “Interwebenstein” I wouldn’t have switched to Kajabi in the first place. Been there, done that, wasted tons of money and time.
  • And more!

Since you’ve survived until now, I’ll tell what’s wrong with Kajabi.

Every Rose has its Thorns

First, let me just say that Kajabi’s so awesome it kicks other options in the crotch.

Seriously. Imagine a kick like a NFL kicker kicking the freaking ball 99 yards. Now imagine that same kicker kicking the competition right in the nads. Ouch!

But Kajabi’s not PERFECT.

They’re ‘click to edit system’ is convenient, but it takes a little time to get used to if you’re coming from a more traditional CMS system.

They are doing rapid development on new features and functions and sometimes let you beta test them, but this is optional, so you don't have to do it.

They limit your contact uploads to 500 at a time, with a daily limit. This one really pissed me off because I was moving my customer list from 4 different CRM systems into Kajabi. I got all worked up that they couldn’t take several thousand at a time. However, it worked out better in the end because it forced me to segment my list, which is invaluable for marketing.

But what really flipped me over the top was when, one Sunday night I hit the daily limit. I though “GD, MF’n SOB!” Actually, probably said it out loud. Fortunately, I calmed down enough to chat up tech support and they immediately raised my upload limit. Problem solved!

You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need.

What’s the Biggest Drawback?

My biggest complaint with Kajabi is the lack of a media library. They have a feature that keeps about 100 of your most recent uploads accessible, but you will find yourself having to reupload certain media assets from time to time. I expect they’ll build this feature out at some point. In the end, this is a minor inconvenience compared to all the other awesome stuff they do for you.

Kajabi has helped me grow my business in ways no other platform has been able to do.

The Bottom Line on Kajabi

You get an all in one solution with the best tech support in the industry.

I could tell you all about how purchasing an online marketing platform is an investment, not an expense, but I’m guessing you’re smart enough to figure that out on your own. So, I’ll just jump right in and give you some advice on which plan to get.

Kajabi has several pricing plans to suit any budget, but I recommend two of them depending on your needs:

Option 1: Budget Offer

If you are an experienced online marketer and only need the technology, then select either the Growth monthly or the Growth annual plan, whichever fits your budget best. You get a discount for the annual plan, so its well worth it.

Option 2: Most Kick Ass Offer

If You want to sell online but are still learning the ins and outs of online marketing. Your absolute best bet is the 1 year Growth Annual plan. All you have to do is sign up for the webinar and then they'll send you the Most Kick Ass of All Kick Ass Offers! Not only do you get a discount, but you’ll also get tons of the training you need. Seriously, I mean they give training in building your website, you products, marketing, and even stuff like managing your business. They walk you step by step how to do it. Kaching!

Get the Most Kick Ass of All Kick Ass Kajabi Offers Now!

Is Kajabi Really Worth the Price?

If you’re still on the fence, I get it. I spent months analyzing every little bit of it, so let me give you THREE COMPARABLE CASES to put it into perspective for you.

Comparable 1: Kajabi vs. "Interwebenstein"

I spent approximately $3,560 per year in fees to stitch together numerous software systems that never quite played nice with each other. My customers were divided between 4 databases and there was no way to centrally manage my online business. With Kajabi you can do it all for way less if you get their annual plan. Even Kajabi’s monthly plan is still less expensive but the annual plan delivers much better value!

Comparable 2: Kajabi vs. My Liquor Store

Honest to god, if financing the investment is your problem, Kajabi is way better than the money you’re wasting on so called premium liquor. Now, I’m not telling you switch to ‘near beer’ or anything, but consider a few strategic changes to put cash in your pocket and Kajabi to work for you!

Example 1: Scotch: If you’re into single malt scotch, try Glen Moray Port Finish. At under $30 you’ll save enough money to afford Kajabi and it blows the socks off everything but Dalmore.

If you’re drinking Dalmore, then don’t FK’n tell me you can’t afford Kajabi.

Example 2: Vodka: Who doesn’t like Kettle One or Grey Goose? But switch to Tito’s and invest the extra cash into Kajabi.

Example 3: Wine: We don’t want to stereotype, but if you’re drinking Mouton or Margaux, then you’re just being a cheap bastard if you don’t pony up for Kajabi. For the rest of us who want to make enough money to eventually swill first growths, they’re several good values in the Spanish and French categories now that the Euro has declined.

Comparable 3: Kajabi vs. Starbucks Habit

You might have heard about my student, Dan, who practiced just one set from our Meditation & Qigong Academy and saved over a $1440 per year because he didn't need a Starbucks every freaking morning. (This is not an income claim, your results may vary. Dan is a kick ass dude who takes action. What about you?) With a little creativity you can virtually free up enough cash to pay for your new Kajabi Side Hustle.

If you’re still not certain if Kajabi is right for you, then let me give you a FREE Kajabi trial so you can take it for a spin.

I recommend you commit yourself to their training and your stuff rolling and make the most out of it. Otherwise, you’re better off spending your time watching more funny cat videos.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I love cats and cat videos, but answer this question, do you want to be a consumer or creator of content? If you’re having trouble with this question, then ask yourself “Who gets the money?” What would you do with the money if you got it?)

Imagine How Much You Can Make with Kajabi

Imagine how much money you could make if you just buckled down and got serious. Several of the Kajabi Heroes are making 10X, 100X, even 10,000X their Kajabi investment. The next Hero could be you. But only if you Take Action Now.

Take Action Now and Get Kajabi

Kajabi's Guarantee

If you're like me, I was 99% certain Kajabi was right, I wanted to be sure before I jumped in. I mean, we are talking about spending some real dough, so its got to work!

That’s why Kajabi offers a full 30 day money back GUARANTEE!

Seriously, they have your back.

But You Have to Act Now!

Remember, this special Kajabi trial with training won’t last forever. Get it now and get your side hustle going!


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