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You Get 54+ Traditional Exercises & Movements
(Including 13 Postures & Silk Reeling)

Learn the Explosive Fajin Power and Martial Form of Tai Chi


Instant Digital Video

Get the Original Forms and Exercises of Tai Chi

All you have to do is follow along as we lead you through these ancient practices.

1. Warm Up
2. Post Standing
3. Silk Reeling
4. Four Directions
5. Four Corners
6. Five Steps
7. 13 Postures
8. First Form (36 Moves)

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Just Follow Along to Unlock Your Potential

βœ” Quickly Enhance your overall health and well-being with Tai Chi Warm Up and Post Standing sets.

βœ” Unleash your inner power with the authentic version of Four Corners Set, and develop your Fajin (explosive) power.

βœ” Discover meditation in movement with the First Routine of Original Chen Tai Chi so you will relax and flow.

βœ” Empower your body with the 13 Postures of Tai Chi Set - considered essential skills to master authentic Tai Chi Chuan.

βœ” Learn closely guarded methods only taught to direct Indoor Students in ancient times, which means you'll have more authentic tools for your life and your tribe.

The Original Form of Tai Chi

Learn the original form of Tai Chi which comes from the Chen family in China. This Digital DVD Video includes eight complete Tai Chi practice sets with teaching commentary.

The Tai Chi forms and exercises on this video come from Chen Quanzhong, 19th generation Grandmaster from the Chen Tai Chi (Taijiquan) family. Shawn Cartwright, 20th generation indoor student of Grandmaster Chen, presents the original forms and exercises with some rarely seen Tai Chi drills.

Here's What You Get

Tai Chi 13 Postures Video

  • This important set trains the 13 Key Body Methods used in every Tai Chi form.
  • It is the heart of all Tai Chi and source of every Tai Chi form in the world.
  • One big secret is that every movement in Tai Chi is simply a combination of these 13 core moves.
  • Experience this set and the essence of all Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi First Form Video

  • This form takes your Tai Chi to new levels.
  • Regular practice of this form will help you learn to "Flow Like Water"
  • The 36 movements of the form follow exactly the sequence of the longer 72 movement form without the repetition so it is easier for beginners to learn.
  • And, it retains the original silk reeling, body mechanics, and power of Tai Chi so experienced practitioners will find it easy to add the repetition back into the form if they wish.
  • Again, this Tai Chi Form wasn't invented by committee, but passed down in the traditional way. Now you can learn the authentic form.

Post Standing Neigong Video

  • Post Standing (Zhan Zhuang) one of the most important foundation exercises in Tai Ji (Tai Chi) is also found Xing Yi (Hsing-I), Ba Gua (Pa Kua) and Yi Quan (I Chuan).
  • You'll learn the traditional Tai Chi method of Post Standing including the formerly secret "Qi Sinking" exercise for the standing post.
  • This special training method will help take your internal power to the next level.

5 Key Stepping Patterns Video

  • Mobility with stability is the key to successful martial arts application as well as quality of life.
  • Scientific studies of the benefits of Tai Chi often mention improved balance and reduction in falls (which are deadly to many people).
  • The 5 Stepping Patterns of Tai Chi are your key to effortless movement in all directions while maintaining your center.

4 Corners "Jin" Video

  • You'll learn the Four Key "Jins" or energies of Tai Chi: Peng, Lu, Ji, and An
  • This foundational training will teach you how to express Tai Chi energy in every movement: Ward Off (Expansion), Roll Back (Smoothing), Push (Compression), and Press (Downward)
  • This set will teach you how to flow seamlessly from one energy to the other, changing from Yin to Yang, Yang to Yin.

Tai Chi Warm Up Movement Video

  • This traditional Tai Chi Warm Up Set is a Nei Gong set designed to enhance your overall health and well-being. Each exercise focuses on relaxing and loosening the major joints in the body.
  • You get exercises for the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, spine, back, waist, knees, ankles, and feet.
  • This set is excellent on its own as Qigong for beginners and seniors but also helps advanced Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners.

Fajin Power 4 Corners Video

  • Fajin Power or Explosive Energy is one  f the most coveted method of traditional Tai Chi.
  • You'll get the exact exercises and drills used by top Chen masters to develop their explosive power.
  • Regular practice of these 4 rarely taught energies will help your Tai Chi "Crack Like Thunder"

Silk Reeling Energy Refining Video

  • Silk Reeling is the core Tai Chi body method to refine the Internal Energy. It is a type of meditation in movement.
  • These Nei Gong practices will help energy healers, yogis, martial artists and meditation practitioners refine their Qi and add power to their movement.
  • They condition the body for the main Taiji Jin (Refined Power) and come directly from our indoor lineage transmission Chen Taijiquan.

Music for Tai Chi Practice

The practice videos feature the sublime Gu Zheng music from The Rising Moon by Ms. Bing Xia and the masterful photography of Mr. Jin Gong. All you have to do is press play and follow along.

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βœ” BONUS: Teaching Commentary

You get an detailed set of video instructor's notes to help take your practice to a new level. Beginners will find a helpful set of step-by-step instructions and experience practitioners will find new depths in their training. These notes were originally recorded for indoor students, but now they are available to you.

βœ” BONUS: Complete Tai Chi Set List PDF Download

You'll get the complete list of every exercise on the Tai Chi DVD. That means you'll always know the names of the Tai Chi movements and exactly what move comes next. Dr. Yinong Chong, the foremost interpreter of ancient Chinese esoteric wisdom has translated the Chinese into modern English using the P5LIM (PHD 5 Level Interpretation Method). She is the interpreter they call when UN interpreters cant' handle it. This means you'll get the most authentic translation for your practice in a PDF download so you can print it and use it right away.


We'll give you a surprise bonus when you order now. We can only give out a few of these, so you'll have act fast. Once they're gone, they're gone.


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So, What's the Catch?

There is NO CATCH.

We know it sounds to good to be true, especially when the same DVD sells for $41.32 on Amazon and you can get it here for only $17 and you get bonuses.

We produced these videos as a practice guide for our private students who paid us to learn these sets privately.

When we had to shut down live classes due to the pandemic, we found a few remaining boxes from the last production run of the Tai Chi DVDs.

We were going to recycle them, but a few of our students found out and asked if they could buy them.

There were 2 problems: 1) we only had a few, so they're almost gone and 2) many people want online video they can watch on their mobile devices. (DVDs are "Old Skool Kool" but someone said this internet thing might be the future :)

So we cracked open one of the last remaining copies and digitized it.

Then, our video team digitally remastered the videos for you, along with some snazzy bonuses!

Now you can get the same 8 authentic Tai Chi sets we teach out private students for a fraction of the tuition they pay.

So if you want your Tai Chi Videos at this special rate, then you have to act now.

Because we're not going to keep the tuition this low for very long.

But we get it, you might not know us, so we want you to feel comfortable when you invest in yourself.


We'll give you 30 days to try it out, and if you don't like it, we'll refund 100% of the money you paid.

100% No questions asked.

And we'll even let you keep the translation of the Tai Chi forms and exercises as our gift, just for trying it out.

How's that for fair?

Grab your copy now before they're gone.

Love and Light,

Shawn Cartwright & Yinong Chong

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