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Masterclass for 2024 reveals...

How to turn your old forms, postures, or moves into powerful new Qi energy machines.

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Internal Arts Training Programs

Discover Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qigong, Sword & Meditation Online Classes

Kung Fu & Sword Training Classes

Experience the powerful fighting art of Shaolin Kung Fu Animals and Wudang Sword techniques, sparring, applications, and secret methods ... Learn more...

Xingyiquan Training Classes

Explore the powerful art of Xingyi Quan (Hsing-I Chuan) Also called Form Will Boxing. Elements, Animals, Weapons, Forms, Applications, Sparring, Internal Work... Learn more...

Baguazhang Training Classes

Baguazhang Internal Kung Fu Training Program - Eight Trigram Boxing. Includes forms, animals, exercises, weapons, applications, sparring, internal work. Learn more...

Tai Chi Chuan for Martial Training Classes

Master the Original form of Martial Tai Chi Chuan and get the Complete System, including Forms, Push Hands, Weapons, Applications, Sparring. Learn more...

Tai Chi for Health Training Classes

Traditional Yang Tai Chi for Health - Training Classes. The Traditional Yang Family Taijiquan Forms, Sword, Exercises, Principles, and Step by Step Instructions. Learn more...

Online Qigong Training Classes

Feel better, look better, and double your energy with Qigong Exercises, Yang Sheng, Dao Yin, Meditation, Yi Jin Jing, 8 Brocades, Breathwork, Self-Healing exercises...  Learn more...

Meditation Training Classes

Meditation for Energy, Relaxation, Self-Healing, and Inner Peace. Breathing, Visualization, Nei Dan, Acupressure, Life Nourishing...  Learn more...

Energy • Vitality

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You'll find several resources to help you Replenish your energy, Rejuvenate your being, and Transform your life.


Human • Real • Authentic 

You are the reason we're here. Empowerment & Transformation - Our Mission.

The Wisdom of the Ancients is Elusive.

That's why we Curated the best teachings from the most Accomplished Masters for you.

If you're ready to change your life, transform your BEING, and up-level your skills, then explore your possibilities...

A Life Filled with Meaning and Impact

Mastering your vital energy is the key to mastering your life. When you are in charge of your life, you become an active agent for your own health, happiness, and well-being.

Imagine being able to live life on your own terms, not someone else's agenda. Imagine playing an active role in your health and happiness. Imagine creating the life you want.

What kind of impact could you have on your family, tribe, community, and the world if you have the skills and energy to transform lives?

There's One Secret

It begins with a simple adjustment to your mind, how you think. When you change your thinking, you change your actions. No doubt, you already know action creates results.

Maybe you've heard this before, but struggled because you didn't have a practical way to implement it. Maybe you just didn't have access to the right training or coaching.

Experiential Transformation

We've spent decades honing our skills in both Eastern and Western life transformation sciences: Qigong Meditation, Tai Chi, Traditional Medicine, Yi Jing, Feng Shui, Ba Gua, Xing Yi, Kung Fu, nutrition, health sciences, art, music, and culture. Thousands of people have trained with us or studied our arts.

We invite you to learn more about who we are and what we can do together.

Love and Light,

Shifu Shawn Cartwright and Dr. Yinong Chong

What Students are Saying

"I will show my clients by my example how to improve themselves."

"My little world is bigger and strength improves"
"I will be so much more conscious of energy."

"Thank you so much for everything - it was a real breakthrough."

"Authentically powerful, strongly recommended."

2024 Masterclass

How to use the 3 Secret Keys to Unlock the Qi Power in your forms, moves, and postures


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