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Attention: Mature, Thinking Martial Artists Willing to Put In The Work

Know Exactly How To Defend Yourself Against Someone Younger, Bigger, Or Stronger...

Even If You Believe...
Finding A Brutally Effective Martial Art That Doesn't Wreck Your Body Is Nearly Impossible!


"These methods aren't for amateurs, wannabes, or morally challenged a-holes seeking 'high speedo, low draggin leet, spetz-ninjago' techniques. But if you have the ambition to use the info and the character to stick with it, then maybe… just maybe… I can help you as much as renovate your martial ability by practicing one of the most advanced martial arts in existence each day — and in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show."


Dear Martial Arts Lover,

If you want the rare ability to skyrocket your self-defense ability, health, and energy even as you get older, then this letter will show you how.

Here's the deal:

I've created a monthly lineage training program called:

"Mastering Baguazhang"

However, it is very expensive.

And, it's definitely NOT for everyone.

Here's what I mean:


Teaches martial artists how to radically renovate their fighting skill using the potent internal art of Baguazhang.

Mastering Baguazhang is an online training program featuring a mixture of combative methods, advanced forms, martial tactics, and indoor lineage secrets, & other Internal Kung Fu teachings showing the complete method of Baguazhang I teach my private students, and how you can apply it all to your self-defense and healthily training needs. Each lesson is packed with actionable techniques, ideas, and strategies. And many are designed to...

Make Your Martial Arts

High Octane Potent

The Same Day

You Use Them!

That's my goal for you.

I want you to be able to rip into each lesson, watch it in one sitting, and then immediately use the information (that same DAY) to make your internal martial arts better in spades. And then (as long as you have a willingness to apply the indoor teachings) keep improving your fighting ability and internal energy every time you practice.

So, Are You...

Getting sick and tired of struggling to find a complete martial arts system? 

Looking at your progress and feeling distressed or embarrassed? 

Many of my students who have gone through the same struggles managed to generate more energy and health and even protect their loved ones in a dangerous situation...

All by tapping into a game-changing method that enables you to radically transform your self-defense skills.

This method is responsible for transforming martial artists who believed they were a lost cause...

Into some of the most rousing success stories I've ever seen.

And look, I know...

You might feel a little skeptical about something that has such bold claims.

Just let me ask you this: 

What if this one-of-a-kind method virtually guarantees to help you reach your martial arts goals without wasting months on end or feeling overwhelmed?

Would that be of interest to you?

On this page I lay bare the exact secret behind all of my students resounding success...

And the exact steps you need to take in order to get the same results.

Not only that but I'll also shine a bright light on why some of the most common approaches to finding a complete martial arts system...

...fail so miserably in delivering you the results you desire.

It's a reason very few "experts" talk about... yet it's one that every serious martial artist must get in order to succeed. 

The ugly truth is... 

The Deck Is Stacked Against You 

I'm the furthest thing from a pessimist, but the numbers don't lie. 

Are you aware that an assault occurs every 29 seconds in the US? Or that a violent crime occurs every 19 seconds in America? 

And as frightening as it may sound, there's an 83% chance an adult will be a victim of a violent crime in their lifetime. 

I'm not saying this to scare...

I just want you to see how important having an edge truly is.

Getting your hands on a method that goes against the grain and ensure you're shielded from those nightmare statistics.

Why You Should Listen To Me 

My name is Shawn Cartwright.

My students call me Shifu Shawn.

My intense study of martial arts began in 1985 with hard styles. Soon I discovered the immense power, effectiveness, and health benefits of the Internal Kung Fu systems and never looked back. Life nourishing forms and potent self-defense techniques weren't the only treasures hidden in these styles. I dove deep into the principles, methods, theory, and philosophy of the Nei Jia (internal) arts of Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Taijiquan, Yim Wing Chun, and Fujian Baihequan. After training with top Grandmasters in China and the US, I used my background in engineering and management consulting (BS and MBA) to organize, systemize, document and share the complete, lineage arts and training methods with the next generation of students.

However, not too long ago, I was in your shoes. Believe me, I was a long way away from mastering self-defense techniques or learning how to use Neigong (internal work) to my advantage. 

What you're about to read is raw and unfiltered, and it isn't all wine and roses. It is safe for work, but it's uncensored in the honesty department. I don't believe in sugarcoating the truth, but I do believe the lessons I learned along the way will save you months, even years of frustration. 

I saw my first Kung Fu flick in the 1970s and was instantly hooked. We had a show called "Kung Fu Theater" on Saturday afternoons. It had all these badasses leaping over trees and doing crazy cool stuff.

I so wanted to learn how they did it. But there weren't any Kung Fu schools where I grew up when I was young.

The old me only knew struggles, hardships and frustration...

However today all I feel is happiness, peace of mind and fulfillment like I couldn't believe possible.

None of this would've been possible if I hadn't stumbled upon what I'm sharing with you on this page... 

With This You'll Get What You Really Want... 

The no. 1 goal you have is... 

You want to learn how to defend yourself without wrecking your body. 

Now, you may also want to skyrocket energy and health...

...and perhaps even learn an art that's good for self-defense and rejuvenation as well.

Not to mention... 

 while you inspire your friends and family... 
• with greater ease...
 with the skill of a pro... 
• with confidence and poise...
• and with a sense of style... 

The Importance Of This Is Greater Than You Could Ever Believe 

The tip you'll discover today will make a stunning impact on your martial arts success.

All you have to do to achieve this is simply take action.

Just be advised that doing nothing has some dire consequences.

And I'm not talking about you spinning your wheels in place...

...you may end up losing the respect and admiration of your family, friends, and community if you can't keep your family safe and healthy.

It's the absolute worst-case scenario, I know...

...however I've seen it happen to so many sincere martial artists that it gives me nightmares.

I think we both can agree that this is not something you want to experience yourself, right?

My Life after Applying What You're About To Discover 

First, let me tell you how my story turned out: 

The real turning point came when something unusual happened. 

One day I heard about a new school opening. It was across town, but I'd just gotten my driver's license (somehow you could do that at 15 back then.) I was in after my first class and never looked back. Even though I learned the movie Fu wasn't real, I still loved the kicking, punching, and sparring. As I got deeper into the martial arts, I realized there was much more to them than beating each other up..,

It was these experiences that led to my discovery of the Chinese Internal Styles like Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, and Taijiquan. Ever since, I've sought out the top Grandmasters of these powerful martial arts. I've searched high and low for the complete indoor systems, including the rarely taught secrets. At the highest levels, you can learn how to defend yourself and stay healthy well into old age.


You have a real chance to succeed.

If I did it...there's nothing stopping you from doing it as well.

Quick question: 

Imagine Your Life Without Struggles 

Just picture how you will feel once you are able to enjoy a greater sense of flow and harmony or reconnecting to what is truly important in life...

Not to mention the sense of empowerment you get from a sense of safety, trust, and security.

These are dreams realized by so many of my Internal Kung Fu students and friends... and I want the same for you. 

In fact if you take action and do what is written on this page...

You'll even generate more energy and health and achieve a new level of self-confidence in your self-defense skills.

I'm extremely confident in this...

...because other martial artists are getting these exact results right now...

And by their own words, they owe much of their success to the new approach I'll cover today. 

Now, before we dive into it you should... 

ERASE There 3 martial arts Lies From Your Mind 

There is a ton of bad advice out there when it comes to mastering self-defense techniques and protecting your loved ones in a dangerous situation. 

For starters, you may believe you have to spend 10 years or more to learn authentic Kung Fu. 

It's a myth called The Slow Bleed, and I used to buy into that lie myself. 

However, the truth is you can learn effective skills in a little as a few months. 

You can bet your life on that. 

However that's not the only myth people fell for.

Here's another one - suffering through another half-trained half-assed self-defense class.

I know a great deal of people who followed this God awful advice and never got any results...

...but the truth is you are quite capable of defending yourself for far less financial investment.

No. 3 on our list of basic Kung Fu lies is what I call "Kung Fu Kowtow". 

Kung Fu Kowtow is when you have to engage in ass kissery in the hopes of getting the "real secret teachings" even though there's no guarantee...

But the truth is it's damn near impossible to find a teacher with the complete art and the ability to communicate effectively.

All these lies and misinformation has been pushed by either half-trained instructors or the movie industry. 

Now, despite all of that nonsense...

There is one unmistakable reality when it comes to finding a complete martial arts system...

And that is...

What's Truly Holding You Back 

Have you ever wondered why despite your best efforts...

...it seems like your goals were always out of reach?

This is why:

The East-West Communication Chasm. 

You experience this Chasm when an instructor cannot properly explain the art and practice of Baguazhang to an American audience (or they don’t even have the complete art!).

Think of it this way: many traditional Eastern Teachers are intuitive masters who can’t explain critical principles in their own language, much less a foreign tongue.

And few have any formal training in teaching methodology, which means they can only show, not explain how to progressively train a technique.

What’s worse is the pervasive secrecy of the culture meant only an elite few could get the complete teachings.

The Effects Of The East-West Communication Chasm Are Often Very Serious... 

The East-West Communication Chasm can lead to far worse problems than struggling to find the complete Baguazhang system. 

Left unchecked you could be facing wasting valuable time and money learning an incomplete style...

......and this is a far more serious concern than most people realize, as you put yourself and your family at greater risk by learning ineffective techniques and potential harmful tactics...

...or even end-up dealing with buying self-defense gimmicks that don't work as advertised...

......and this can be a serious problem because you could be placing your life in jeopardy with faulty equipment.

Now I know this sounds really grim...

However there is a way to bypass all that heartache...

Keep reading to find out what it is...

The Early Warning Signs Of The East-West Communication Chasm 

Now you might be wondering...

"Ok Shifu Shawn how do I know if The East-West Communication Chasm is responsible for all my Kung Fu struggles?"

For starters, you need to pay attention to learning from an instructor without teaching skills. When this happens, The East-West Communication Chasm is often just around the corner. 

The good news is there's a quick and simple solution for this:

Simply make certain the teacher knows how, why, and when to teach the most important skills.

It's helps if they are fluent in English... and Classical Chinese (very few Chinese know Classical Chinese)

Here's another East-West Communication Chasm trigger: masters withholding key secrets. 

This one can sneak up on you, but here's how to handle it: make certain the teacher teachers openly and progressively according to each student's ability and effort.. 

While these tips can be helpful, they do not guarantee success.

Regardless, I need to share the backstory so you can better understand the impact and power this can have for you. 

This breakthrough completely changed the game...

It makes perfecting your internal martial arts skills a walk in the park...

And The East-West Communication Chasm a thing of the past.

How I Picked Up A Life Changing Tip Along The Way 

There's a saying: 

"If you want to be successful do what successful people do"

And this is what I did.

I looked at some of the most successful internal martial artists and...

I managed to identify certain patterns. 

I decided to become a "pattern spy".

I was interested in seeing whether the highly successful shared certain traits.

Having a common traits would help me exclude factors such as luck, experience, and innate abilities.

One of my favorite Internal Kung Fu success patterns story involves Dan. Let me share why, and see if you can spot the pattern I did that led to such success. 

He loved martial arts and practiced hard style martial arts for many years. Unfortunately, he wrecked his body in the process. In one training session, one of his teachers taught him an incorrect technique and it ended up blowing out his knee. Turns out his previous teacher hadn't actually learned the proper way to execute many of the moves of the system. He was just "making it up" on the fly. Dan knew there had to a better way, or he'd have to give up his martial arts passion..

That's when Dan started looking for lineage trained teacher of Internal Kung Fu - specifically, Baguazhang, an art renowned for its self-defense skill, leg conditioning, and the ability to help rejuvenate your internal energy. With Baguazhang, he found new methods of footwork and application that helped him regain mobility and dominate his old sparring partners.

What's Behind This Success...And How You Can Replicate It 

Now I know what you may be thinking...

"That's great and all, however most people like that learn martial arts at a very early age.."

Here's the kicker - it's not true... 

In reality, people of all ages can learn martial arts for self-defense.

And have you ever said this to yourself? "Sure, inspiring, but I'd have to have significant Kung Fu role models when you're a kid to pull it off."

You know, I used to think the same thing. Yet this is the fact of the matter: anyone can improve their self-defense ability, no matter what age...

If they have the right training method.

Another myth is that successful self-defense enthusiasts seem to ruin their bodies to learn martial arts. It sounds reasonable, but it's simply a myth...

...and it's one holding you back from a solution that actually works:

After A Long Journey Filled With Trials And Errors
I Finally Discovered What Actually Works

What do the most successful have in common? I studied dozens of martial arts styles and success stories. True winners...and I found they have this in common: 

==> They all were taught by real lineage trained instructors who learned the complete system. They could teach both the health and self-defense sides of the arts. And they knew how to effectively communicate the key secrets to their students.

This is common among all of the highly successful internal martial artists out there. 

At first this slipped by me. To be honest, I used to think I was a pretty savvy self-defense enthusiast until I started learning from other teachers who had this down. 

My entire outlook on Internal Kung Fu changed once I had found it. After some serious study, I had achieved all the success I had once struggled to find. 

I was left with one powerful truth as a result of this experience: 

Success Requires Leveraging Something I Call "C6STP" 

A small group of my students and colleagues was stunned when I explained C6STP...

And they were shocked when they started using it and saw how effortlessly they were improving their Kung Fu fighting skills.

So, what is it? 

The Six Sided Tower is the Chinese translation of Liu He Ta which refers to the 6 key components of a complete art.

1. With the Dao, you can realize the Big Way, or overarching philosophy of why it works.

2. With the Principles, you can understand what to do and why during times of uncertainty and stress.

3. With the Methods, you can know exactly how to Master Baguazhang.

4. With the Techniques, you can know exactly what to use and when.

5. With the Tools, you can discover exactly what to use to accelerate your learning and skills.

6. With the Mi Jue, you get the secret, indoor training usually only reserved for disciples (Baguazhang lineage inheritors.)

This means that... If a martial art is missing even one of the Six Sided Tower Process, then it won't work right..

Think about it like this: 

Imagine if you will the Complete 6 Sided Tower Process as a type of secret key to a long forgotten bank vault full of priceless treasures.

What You Need To Know To Start With C6STP 

After discovering C6STP...

I developed a few easy-to-apply tips to get internal martial artists like you started on the path to Baguazhang success.

First off...The dead simple method to issue power while continuously moving. Most martial arts have to interrupt their footwork to throw a power technique. This leaves them more vulnerable to a well-timed counter-attack. With this method, you'll be able to strike an move without breaking stride.. 

Second tip is -learning how to incorporate Neigong energy methods into your training. Stop wrecking your joints, bones, and body like most "external" martial arts. Use these advanced methods to cultivate energy, health, power, and self-defense skills at the same time. 

There's also another way of approaching Baguazhang that can work, but it's not one that works as consistently as C6STP:

Joining a martial arts monastery like the Shaolin Temple.

It's up to you if you want to risk it and give that a try...

Just keep in mind C6STP is a much better way to go.

So What Do You Do Next? 

These tips, as solid as they are, just are not enough to really learn how to fight...

And learning how to use Neigong (internal work) to your advantage. 

That requires one more important step. 

This is what countless internal martial artists call "the perfect system" for getting the most out of "C6STP"...

However before I pull back the curtain...

I think it's important for you to see how I came up with it...

Here's how it all came to be: 

I spent the past 37 years searching for authentic masters who taught the complete internal martial system of Baguazhang. I've combined the ancient, proven methods with advances in modern learning technology to create the one of the most comprehensive programs available in the world..

The result is a teaching system anyone wanting to learn the complete lineage method that empowers you to handle street encounters more safely, supercharging your energy, and improving your health.

And you do it without fight anxiety or fear of public embarrassment!

It's probably the main reason why everyone that tried this found it to be badass...trusted and even world class.

Introducing the Mastering Baguzhang Method 

Mastering Baguzhang Method is the program delivered to you immediately within our VIP Members Area that is virtually fast tracks you to applying C6STP in a way that's enjoyable as it is effective.

Here's a glimpse of what you can achieve with Mastering Baguzhang Method: 

• You can quickly learn the complete system of Baguazhang without wasting time and money flying to China, searching for a qualified instructor, finding an interpreter, and losing years of your life and career...

• You can effortlessly balance your internal energy and strengthen your body without worrying about wasting time on useless techniques or harmful training methods...

• You can discover how to anticipate a violent situation without being caught by surprise...


You Say: "Will Mastering Baguzhang Method Work For Me?" 

Listen, you might be wondering if Mastering Baguzhang Method can get help you reach your Baguazhang goals...

...even though everything else you've tried has failed you miserably.

So let me put your mind at ease: 

It took years of dedicated hard work...

Researching only the most successful internal martial artists...

Thousands of hours spent figuring out how to make this work...

Countless trial-and-error runs to hone Mastering Baguzhang Method to perfection.

By standing on the shoulders of giants (and thanks to some of my own unique insights), you now have at your fingertips what other self-defense enthusiasts hail as the best Baguazhang training program they have ever come across when it comes to working "against all odds". 

Mastering Baguzhang Method can help you where everything else failed you. 

Many self-defense enthusiasts like yourself call this "Success Insurance"...

Because you are virtually guaranteed to improve your Kung Fu chops.

In a moment, you'll meet just a few of these success stories... just know this for now: 

Mastering Baguzhang Method really is a teaching system for Baguazhang can work for literally anyone...

...even if you've failed with every other self-defense system you've ever tried...

...or even if you've searched for and failed to find the complete system of Baguazhang in the past...

...and get this:

Even if you're not sure self-defense training is something you can achieveMastering Baguzhang Method can still deliver results that can help you imprve your self-defense skills, revitalize your energy, and all while regaining the confidence to protect your loved ones – at the same time.

The Long Lasting Results You Are Looking For
Wondering what kind of results you can see...

...and how fast you'll get them?

Results come fast, beginning in as little as a few weeksand you'll notice that you have better mobility, stability, and fluidity when practicing your techniques...

Then the real magic happens: over the next 2 to 3 months as the results really kick in... you'll notice your effortless changes and martial focus...

...and it just keeps getting better: 

In as little as few months...that's all...as your journey really pays off with results like dynamic self-defense options and internal energy growth.

That is the Baguazhang success you absolutely deserve and will finally:

==> Let you quickly enhance strength and energy of the body! 

==> Empower you to learn to protect yourself from violent attack by single or multiple assailants!

==> Deliver you a way to rapidly regain confidence! 

==> Powerfully guide you into quickly improve your self-defense skills!

==> Quickly decode the best way for you to rapidly increase internal energy and improve health! 


And look, I'm not the only one saying this... 

These Folks Are Raving About It 

These are just some of the near-countless testimonials we receive...

From ecstatic self-defense enthusiasts who tried Mastering Baguzhang Method...

And messaged us with their incredible results...

"After 20 years of training in and teaching both northern and southern shaolin Kung fu, I knew that if I wanted to take my martial skills to the next level that it would require studying the Internal Arts.

For me, that meant only baguazhang - but I had to find a teacher who knew the true art I wanted not just the palm changes, the animal forms, and weapons but the real application as well.

I had heard all of the stories of baguazhang being a "bodyguard" art and that it was one of the only styles created specifically for fighting more than one opponent at a time. And I loved the analogy of the bagua practitioner being like a ball of barbed wire, trapping the enemy and then spinning him away.

But while that's sounds poetic, the true fighting value is that it teaches you to get behind your opponents projection and then disable him.

While many people value (including myself) the health and meditative benefits of the circle walking, the fighting advantages of this non-linear training is real - moving off the line of attack, subtle footwork to get behind the projection, and then the most ruthless and efficient techniques for disposing of your attacker."
Dan. P. Virginia, USA


"This new Baguazhang course is fantastic! The instruction by Sifu Shawn is detailed, fun and informative. After practicing Baguazhang for only a few years, I still have lots to learn and there is a wealth of material in this course. It starts from the basics and builds into advanced techniques and moves. This course is also unique in that it focuses on martial applications, while still explaining many of the health benefits of Bagua. I definitely recommend this professionally produced course by TCCII."
Mike Ries, Colorado, USA

I can fill out a few dozen pages with messages like these ones... 

You See Real Results Or It's On Me 

Look, the truth is simple: 

I want to give you complete confidence and peace of mind when you pick up Mastering Baguzhang Method today... 

That's why Mastering Baguzhang Method ensures your success with a rock-solid 30-day guarantee so you know that I fully have your back.

Just email us anytime in the first 30 days for a prompt refund. No questions asked.

It really doesn't get more fair than that...except for this: 

I Want To Give You Some Extra Bonuses Just For Taking Action Today 

You may believe I lost my marbles when you see by how much I slashed the retail price of Mastering Baguzhang Method... 

However I still wanted to give you more... 

So I decided to go so far beyond the extra mile...

...it would be in a different zip code.

That's why I added these exclusive bonuses you can get 100% for free...

When you get Mastering Baguzhang Method before disappears when the timer hits zero.

My first FREE gift to you...

...which has a retail value of $3,0000 is Bagua Secret 9 Palace Training Method.

You'll learn how to "level up" your Bagua skills with the special 9 Palace Method. This formerly secret method goes beyond simple patterns and gives you the exact formulas Imperial Palace masters used to perfect their self-defense skills. You'll even learn the esoteric meaning behind it so you can dive as deep as you wish into this powerful training method..

Next, you'll receive complimentary access to Kung Fu Foundation Training Method, a super-handy Baguazhang helper that is valued at $2,000, yours FREE today! 

This is perfect for beginners if you want a rock-solid foundation. Learn the powerful stances, footwork, striking, and kicking skills of real Internal Kung Fu. If you're an experienced martial artist, it'll help you take your core talents to the next level, so you get the most out of their training.

I insist on giving you my $3,750 SUPER-BONUS, absolutely FREE today. It's called Bagua Yin Yang Crescent Blades Method, and wait until you check this out! 

The whirling Crescent Moon Blades are the signature weapon of Baguazhang. Originally designed to hide in the log sleeves of the traditional Chinese robes, these multi-edged weapons were ideal defense tools. Although they are called by many names like "Yin Yang Blades" "Sun and Moon Knives" or "Mandarin Duck Knives." They serve to help get you home safely.

You'll learn the techniques, principles and core methods of the Yin Yang Crescent Blades. Dive into the applications and discover how they integrate directly with the empty hand forms to extend and enhance Baguazhang.

I'll even show you how to apply the key principles of these ancient weapons to your modern knives so you always have the confidence you can defend yourself with cold steel if necessary

But I'm yet.

When you act today, you'll also get...

The priceless Dian Xue Lethal Acupuncture Striking Method -- the secret internal method of striking the acupuncture points in self-defense. Most of what's publicly available is limited to externalities like location, striking tool, and time of day. It might not surprise you that our internal system takes it to a much higher level. In fact, there are several levels of the system that are based on the internal energy. And no, it's not some "Empty Force" stuff. It's real actionable material if you're willing to invest the time in training it.

Now, if you really want to get your questions answered by me directly without having to pay my expensive private lesson rate, you'll love the Private MBGZ Portal Group! This could easily sell for $2,500, but you get this online portal access free when you order today.

Your investment in The Mastering Baguazhang Method also gets you access to a Private MBGZ Portal Group where you can interact directly with me.

Here’s how that works…

Once you’ve invested in The Mastering Baguazhang Method…

You’ll be sent a link to join a private, member’s only Private Portal...

Where you can ask any questions about the trainings and modules…

And I will answer those questions and set you on the right path.

The reason I’ve decided to include this…

Is because even though The MBGZ Method is so well organized…

And gives you such an easy-to-follow, multi-angle video approach to mastering Bagua…

I also know that people are always going to have questions…

So if any part of the training is EVER even the slightest bit unclear to you…

Or even if you just want confirmation that you’re picking up what I’m putting down…

Just post your question in the Private Portal Group…

And either myself…

Or someone from my team who has been extensively trained in The MBGZ Method…

Will help clear things up for you right away.

To be super transparent: I’m personally committing to answering questions in the group…

Which means if you want the chance to interact with me directly…

Then it’s essential that you go ahead and say “YES” to The Mastering Baguazhang Method right now..

And get this!

When you grab Mastering Baguzhang Method today...

You'll receive all of those bonuses for FREE....

A Killer DEAL For Only $36,000 

Believe me: 

If I decide to sell Mastering Baguzhang Method for what it's truly worth – $36,000 –you'd walk away with an absolutely stellar bargain.

Now look, that's enough money to buy a car - so it's sounds insane, right?

But it's what you'd pay to learn all this material from me at my private rate of $250 per hour.

Add the bonuses on top of that...

And the grand total would be a hellova lot more...


Even at that price point...

...a teaching system tailor-made to help you...

...improve your personal protection skills...

...protect your loved ones in a dangerous situation...

...and even skyrocket energy and health...

...WITHOUT fight anxiety or fear of public embarrassment...

...is worth every single penny.

And despite all of that...

I decided you deserve a much, MUCH better deal.

Go to the page below right now...

...to grab Mastering Baguzhang Method PLUS all those exclusive bonuses...

...plus a special program launch tuition savings with LIMTED TIME CODE: BAGUA68 

...for a tiny investment of just $188 $120 per month.

You get to save 99.65% off the full price! 

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This Is The Dawn Of A New Age 

We're on the precipice of a true revolution in Baguazhang. 

The secrets and tactics found within Mastering Baguzhang Method may have its roots in authentic Internal Kung Fu role models from generations ago, it was only recently that these strategies were made available to the world. 

Peeling back all the layers of uncertainty...

Doing countless trial and error runs and polishing everything about this...

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Yes, I Want the Mastering Baguazhang Method Today >>

Today marks your turning point, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

Yours in Baguazhang success,
Shawn Cartwright 

P.S. Just in case you have a few more questions about Mastering Baguzhang Method, I've compiled a list of the most commonly-asked questions below...

What exactly do I get when I subscribe to the Mastering Baguazhang Program?  

When you subscribe today you also get

  • Circle Walking: This powerful method of movement develops energetic mobility. Best of all, you can find the perfect balance between mobility and stability without compromising energy rejuvenation and health!
  • Eight Palm Changes: The 8 Changes of Bagua train adaptability and dynamic change in movement and self-defense. Best of all, you can respond to any combative situation without having to learn 10,000 different techniques!
  • Rapid Combative Refinement: Learn to develop confidence with realistic applications. Best of all, you can create unique combative solutions without imposter syndrome!
  • Eight Animal Forms: The 8 Animals of Bagua create skill expansion through dynamic change. Best of all, you can generate 16X more combative solutions without having to memorize overly complicated and difficult sequences!
  • Yin Yang Projection Amplifiers: Secret training devices like the Iron Ruler Ring act like high-voltage magnifiers for Bagua power generation. Best of all, you can quickly turn the animals into red-hot beasts without wasting years of effort on empty moves!
  • Bagua Joined hands: Two-person sensitivity training for application reaction and adaptability. Best of all, you can put everything together without losing the powerful essence of the movements!
  • Gong Shou Fa: Attack and Defense Methods for internal sparing training. Best of all, you can create a foundation of potent self-defense skills without wasting time on ineffective strategies and tactics!
  • Yi Principles of the Gua: The principles of change from the Book of Changes which influenced the development of Baguazhang. Best of all, you can understand the deep principles of the art without having to get a PhD in philosophy.!
  • Hidden Lineage Secrets: Insider information only passed through secret, closed-door training. Best of all, you can master Baguazhang without wasting years on incomplete concepts and wrong teachings!

PLUS all the BONSUES Mentioned Above

Can I get injured practicing Baguazhang?  

Yes, as with any martial art system, if safety and caution are not used correctly, then there is a chance that an injury could occur 

How old do you have to be for this system to work?  

This self-defense system should only be used by those over the age of 18, unless a supervising adult is present 

Can I use Baguazhang with other self-defense systems already in use?  

Yes, like many other self-defense systems, this will compliment any of those that are already in use 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can cancel at any time.

What Does MBGZ Stand For And Why’s It Important?  

MBGZ stands for Mastering Baguazhang Method.

It’s a comprehensive Baguazhang training method based on decades of indoor lineage training so we could share the complete Baguazhang method with the world.

The reason The MBGZ Method is so important is because it provides a systematized, step-by-step approach to mastering Baguazhang.

With the Forms, you're able to gain a strong understanding of your body's movements and energy generation ability.

With the Circle Walking and Changes you're able to supercharge your "vehicle" for health or self-defense.

With the Animals, you're able to extend the projection of energy into an object or opponent.

With the Bagua Joined Hands you're able to development sensitivity, structure and the special "Jins" or energies of Baguazhang.

With the Applications, you're able to know exactly what to do to defend yourself using the powerful Baguazhang methods.

With the Gong Shou Fa Attack and Defense Methods (Sparring) you're able to directly test the applications in a "free flowing" environment.

You'll also get all this taught with the complete Six Sided Tower Process

1. With the Dao, you can realize the Big Way, or overarching philosophy of why it works.
2. With the Principles, you can understand what to do and why during times of uncertainty and stress.
3. With the Methods, you can know exactly how to Master Tai Chi Chuan. 
4. With the Techniques, you can know exactly what to use and when.
5. With the Tools, you can discover exactly what to use to accelerate your learning and skills.
6. With the Mi Jue, you get the secret, indoor training usually only reserved for disciples (Tai Chi lineage inheritors.)

And you can rest assured you're getting the most accurate indoor transmission because of the P5L Interpretation Method used by Dr. Yinong Chong to lovingly translate from the Ancient Chinese to Modern English.

Who is Mastering Baguazhang for?

Mastering Baguazhang is for any serious martial artists or Bagua lover who wants to dive deep into the essence of the internal arts -- health, internal work, fluidity, and next level self-defense.

If you're one of the ELITE FEW who are willing to do the work and make the effort, then get it today.

WARNING: This is NOT for You If:

  • You're not coachable.
  • You're a "Know it All."
  • You already have a complete Baguazhang lineage system and aren't willing to learn something new.
  • You're a lazy little F'K just wanting to watch some TubeYube vids and fantasize about "high speedo, low draggin" techniques.
  • You are having trouble paying your basic living expenses. Seriously, I appreciate your enthusiasm, so don't jeopardize your family. Get your finances sorted out and then come back.

So, if you're a sincere person who wants to learn a complete system of Baguazhang, then...

How Do I Get Started With Mastering Baguazhang?

That part’s easy!

Just click the button you see below right now, and then complete the order form on the next page.

After you do that, you’ll have instant access to your Exclusive Library area…

Where you’ll be able to immediately begin going through each module.

This means that in a matter of a few short minutes from now…

You could already be on your way to Mastering Baguazhang…

And transforming your skills, and your life, in the process!

Just click the button you see below right now, and then complete the order form on the next page.

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