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Start March 2020

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Qigong Classes

Restore and Recharge Weekly Qigong Class

So tired so often? So stressed all the time? So many aches and pains? The weekly Qigong classes open up your energy pathways, amp up your energy awareness, and recharge your vital energy. Come to restore and renew your Chi with weekly Qigong practice!

Monthly Wellness Boot Camp

Holistic Wellness Monthly Boot Camp

You tried all kinds of diets, exercises and modalities, but nothing sticks so far. In the monthly boot camp, we zero in on your health concerns, custom design holistic solutions, and be your  champion and partner until true transformation occurs!

Wellness Programs

Customized Wellness Program

Whether a lecture, a workshop or on-going programs, we will develop and deliver wellness program just for you, at your place, on your time schedule! Just give us a call or email, and we will listen to your needs and come up with the right solutions for your team.

Eat for Health Workshop

Some people eat only for their mouth, and taste of food is their primary concern. Others eat to ease the hunger, and don't really mind what they put in their belly. But more and more people are now aware, foods can heal, and foods can also kill. In our monthly workshop, we offers insightful tips on how to use foods for healing and optimal health, and how different people need different foods.

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Aroma TCM Videos

Essential oils are nature's gifts for health, healing and radiant beauty. When combined with TCM meridian theory, their effectiveness increases exponentially.  Aroma TCM offers an integrative TCM approach to Aromatherapy.  


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Triple Power Meditations

3 Potent Meditations to Level Up Your Power

You Get our 3 Most Powerful Meditations: 1) Five Element, 2) Yin Yang Harmony, 3) Three Treasures Healing. PLUS You'll get 2 Special Bonuses when you Act Now.

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Five Element Qigong Meditation

Rejuvenate and Balance the Five Energy Systems of the Body

Use Nature’s healing energy to clear energetic and emotional blockages within the body. Guided visualization and meditation practice.

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