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A Thousand Mile Journey Starts with the First Step

We’ve all heard the saying “A 1,000 Mile Journey Starts with the First Step” so many times it has become a bit of route banter.

We all know that starting something new sets us on the path to realize our potential in life.

So, why is it that such an ancient and profound saying has lost its impact?

For the same reason other commonsense sayings are nearly meaningless.

It is because we know them.

Knowing is left brain. When we hear them, we get it. It makes sense to our analytical brain, so we file it away and that’s it.

Wisdom isn’t Knowing

Wisdom is right brain. It is understanding gained through reflection and, more importantly, action.

The mistake most people make – and we’ve done this so many times ourselves its almost funny – is to look at the journey and say, “That’s a long way.” Then we quit before we even start.

And we wonder why we’re still stuck where we are in life?

We can’t count the number of times students have said to us “I wish I’d started in my 20s (or 30s, 40s, 50s…) but now it is too late.”

Here’s what we share with them…

What’s Done is Done.

No matter what happened in the past, that is gone. The only time is now.

Now you have the option to start. If you start now, in one year you’ll be well on your way.

If you procrastinate, one year will pass like the blink of an eye. Then you’ll look back and say, “If only I’d have started one year ago, then I’d have a whole year of experience.”

The Now Challenge

We’re going to challenge you with two questions:

  • What have you been putting off you could start right now?
  • What is the FIRST STEP you can take TODAY?

Take a moment to share with us what you’re going to start, today.

Love and light,

Shawn and Yinong

PS – If you jumped to the bottom looking for a summary like we often do, here you go: Wisdom is developed through understanding and action. The hardest part of a 1,000 or 10,000 mile journey is often the first step. Take action now and soon you’ll look back and marvel at far you’ve come, and the wisdom you’ve gained. If you'd guidance, check out our Meditation and Qigong training program.

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