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Fun with a Capital "PH" or 3 Ways to Learn from Snakes

“PH” as in Phonics – get it? Fun = Phun

I know. If you’re scratching your head wondering what was in my tea this morning, I don’t blame you. But stick with me and I'll...

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Breaking the Pots and Burning the Boats

破釜沉舟 literally means "breaking the pots and burning the boats", a metaphor for sheer determination to fight all the way to the end, by getting rid of all means of retreat.

This ancient saying...

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Meditation and Medicine Conquering Cancer Case Study

Learn how one brave woman combined meditation, diet, and medicine to fight an aggressive cancer.

By Dr. Ted Nawalinski

A Holistic Approach to a Diagnosis of Cancer

In November, 2018, my...

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