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Wudang Mountain Kung Fu and Sword

Wudang Mountain Kung Fu and Sword

Wudang Mountain Kung Fu and Sword are Internal Arts which claiming origins at Daoist Wudang Mountain (武當山) in China. Located in Hubei Province, China, Wudang is an important center for Taoism and it's temples designed in Feng Shui alignment with the Forbidden City in Beijing. Like Shaolin temple, which is a center for Buddhist studies, Wudang is credited with creation of several important internal arts (內家,Nèi jiā), including Qigong (Wutang Chi Kung), Taijiquan, Wudang Kung Fu (武當拳), and Internal Alchemy.

Zhang San Feng Taijiquan

Popular legend attributes the creation of Tai Chi to Zhang San Feng (張三丰) at Wudang Mountain in the 1200s AD. Unfortunately, there is little historical evidence to support this claim. Most Chinese Boxing (Internal Kung Fu) styles are more recent innovations and the Wudang Tai Chi, Xingyi, and Bagua forms are no exception. Perhaps the oldest and most authentic Daoist internal martial art is the Taiyiquan system. However, Zhang San Feng was known to be both a Neidan practitioner and a swordsman, so it is likely those methods do have a connection to the famous immortal.

Wudang vs. Shaolin

In the early 20th century, the Nanjing Guoshu Institute classified Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and Baguazhang as "Wudang Kung Fu" or Internal Kung Fu. All other arts, such as Wing Chun or Fujian White Crane were classified as "Shaolin Kung Fu" or External Kung Fu. While it is true that the "Three Sisters" of the Internal Kung Fu have a lot in common, many of the so called External Kung Fu styles have Qigong elements. It's important to note that this is an academic classification and has little to do with the actual origin of the various arts.

Wudang Curriculum

The Wudang Internal Arts include various methods of Internal Kung Fu, Qigong and Nei Gong (Nei Kung), including structural alignment, breathing, relaxation, movement, and meditation. Advanced students have the opportunity to learn Internal Alchemy or Nei Dan.

1. Dao Yin
2. Yin Qigong
3. Jibengong
4. Yang Shen Qigong
5. Walking Crane Qigong
6. Zhong He Qigong
7. Taijiquan 13 Postures
8. Taijiquan Qigong Set
9. Tai Yi Quan
10. Tai Yi Qigong
11. Sword Methods
12. Internal Alchemy
13. Taoist Practices

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