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Baihequan Fujian White Crane Kung Fu

Fujian White Crane

Fujian White Crane Kung Fu (白鶴拳, Bái Hè Quán, Pai Ho Chuan, Fukien Bak Hok) is credited as the progenitor of the Southern Hand of Kung Fu. Arts such as Southern Preying Mantis, Bak Mei, Southern Dragon, Southern Snake, Wing Chun, Wa Lu, etc share a striking resemblance to Fujian White Crane. They are either derived from Fujian crane or were influenced by it. Sometimes it's just called Fujian Boxing, since it can be thought of as a specialized class of Chinese Internal Boxing with many subsets.

According to the oral history, Fang Qianang (方七娘) founded the art. She learned Shaolin martial arts from her father and combined them with Taoist practices. the legend states she was visited by a Celestial Crane who inspired her to create the Fujian White Crane system.

Fujian White Crane vs Shaolin White Crane

Many people confuse the Fujian White Crane with the Shaolin White Crane. They are two completely different systems. The Shaolin White Crane Style imitates many of the movements of the crane animal. In contrast, the Fujian White Crane System takes its name from the Immortal Crane of Taoist Neidan. It is a symbol of longevity and attainment through the practice of Internal Alchemy. It is perhaps more accurate to just call it Fujian Boxing.

Fujian White Crane School (Fukien White Crane)

Our Fukien White Crane system comes from Taiwan: Grandmaster Hsieh, Grandmaster Chen and the Hong Men Huei. They preserved some of the oldest and most complete Fujian systems. Grandmaster Chen was regarded as one of the Five Tigers of Taiwan and Grandmaster Hsieh was a bodyguard for Chang Kai Shek. The vast curriculum includes many empty hand forms, Joint Hands, specialized drills, weapons, Mook training, apparatus, ground fighting, Chin Na, Shuai Shiao, Kong Sao, conditioning (e.g. iron palm, iron body), Qigong, Yi Gong, Shen Gong, Sun Da, Esoteric methods, medicine, and much, much more.

Fujian White Crane Forms

Three Battles (三戰, Sān zhàn), also called Sam Chien, Sam Bo Gim, is the most important form in the Fujian Boxing systems. It trains the structure, stepping, and primary Jin (energies) of the art. The authentic method of this form uses Taoist Neidan which is required to activate the full potential of the system. The Three Battles set is so effective that is has been incorporated in many other systems of Kung Fu and even formed the basis of Karate.

In addition to the the San Zhan set, the Fujian Baihequan has several other empty hand forms such as 4 Hand Gates, 28 Constellations, 8 Connected Steps, and many others.

The Fujian Joined Hands training is a two person drill for sensitivity development and dynamic martial applications. Baihequan also has a comprehensive Kong Sao sparring systems (San Shou / San Da).

The main weapon forms are the Butterfly Knives, the Long Pole, and the Double Gen. Double Gen is also called double trident and is the weapon the Okinawan/Japanese Karate styles borrowed to become the Sai.

The Fujian Baihequan has several unique Mooks (Mu Ren Zhuang) for training the specialized methods of the art. In addition, there is a vast iron palm and iron body training system as well as a comprehensive Neidan or Internal Alchemy method of internal cultivation.

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