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How to Sharpen Your Vision Qigong Eye Exercises

Use these six Qigong eye exercises to sharpen your vision and support natural healing for your eyesight.

Sharp vision is important for everyone, but especially Tai Chi and Kung Fu practitioners....

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No Mask? Buffer Yourself From Cold, Flu, & Corona Virus

Three Doctors Provide Insight On What to Do If You Can't Get A Mask To Help Fight Cold, Flu And Corona Virus 没有口罩?换种方法抵御感冒、流感和冠状病毒 (CC Translation in Chinese and English)

Take the precautions of...

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Meditation and Medicine Conquering Cancer Case Study

Learn how one brave woman combined meditation, diet, and medicine to fight an aggressive cancer.

By Dr. Ted Nawalinski

A Holistic Approach to a Diagnosis of Cancer

In November, 2018, my...

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