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No Mask? Buffer Yourself From Cold, Flu, & Corona Virus

Three Doctors Provide Insight On What to Do If You Can't Get A Mask To Help Fight Cold, Flu And Corona Virus 没有口罩?换种方法抵御感冒、流感和冠状病毒 (CC Translation in Chinese and English)

Take the precautions of using a mask or other type of barrier, such as a Buff, avoiding crowds, washing your hands, and following all National and Local guidelines.

Here are some other things you can do to improve your overall level of health and fitness in general.

1) You can incorporate essential oils. Many of these have a pleasing scent and may also have other possible benefits.

2) Now is an excellent time to make the dietary changes you know you need make. Start simple such as by drinking more water, adding a multi-vitamin, eating more dark green leafy vegetables and reducing the amount of simple carbohydrates.

3) Explore options with supplementation, especially vitamin D, K, C, E, Zinc, and Magnesium.

4) Get more exercise, such as practicing Qi gong, Meditation or Tai Chi. There are numerous scientific studies on the benefits of these practices. These ancients arts have been used by the Chinese to improve health, reduce stress, and build up the body's Qi (internal energy.) Even a few minutes a day can make difference.

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