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How to Sharpen Your Vision Qigong Eye Exercises

Use these six Qigong eye exercises to sharpen your vision and support natural healing for your eyesight.

Sharp vision is important for everyone, but especially Tai Chi and Kung Fu practitioners. Here are exercises for eyes from Traditional Chinese Medicine you can incorporate in your practice right now.

Qigong Eye Exercise 1

Focus on an object far away and then immediately shift the focus to the tip of the nose or some other object very close to the eyes. Repeat the change of focus 18 times.

Qigong Eye Exercise 2

Move the eyes in counter clockwise and then clockwise circles 18-36 times to exercise and strengthen the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation.

Qigong Eye Exercise 3

Use your thumb to gently massage and press Zanzhu point (Bladder-2). Point location: Superior to the inner canthus, in a depression on the eyebrow, close to its medial end.

Qigong Eye Exercise 4

Use your index finger to gently message and press Cheng Qi points (Stomach 1). With the eyes looking directly forwards, this point is located directly below the pupil between the eyeball and the infra-orbital ridge.

Qigong Eye Exercise 5

Bend index fingers, use part of the second knuckle to rub the eye brows from inside (end close to nose) out, and then under the eyes on the infra-orbital ridge from inside out. Repeat 18-36 times.

Qigong Eye Exercise 6

Rub the hands vigorously 9-18 times to generate Qi in your hands, and then cover the eyes with cupped hands with the point at the center of the hands (Lao Gong point) directly over the eyes. Visualizing Qi emitting from Lao Gong points to your eyes.

The eyes are associated with the Liver organ system in Chinese medicine. In the Five Element theory, this represents the Spring Qi and the wood element. You can do the Qi Gong while visualizing healing color green.

These traditional Qigong eye exercises are used by traditional Chinese medicine doctors as well Qigong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu practitioners for boosting the body's natural energy flow and self-healing ability. 

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