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Elementi Eterni - Musical Alchemy

Elementi Eterni - Album

Life transformed, created anew.
Fire and Water combine.
Essence of Yin and Yang forged in the crucible.
An ocean’s journey, we dance in the flame.

Musical Alchemy - The Chinese pentatonic scale representing wood, fire, earth, metal and water merges with electric guitar, African inspired percussion and Latin rain sticks.

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Guitar virtuoso Ney Mello blends the ancient Asian Elements with contemporary Miles Davis electric Jazz beats creating this East-West trance infusion. Track 4 features Jazz master Bobby Muncy on saxes and flute.

"Taking fresh ideas from timeless ancient concepts and scales, the music pours out of one's inner self." – Ney Mello

亚洲元素融入爵士节拍. 便有了这首《五行之永恒》。 代表木,火,土,金,水的中国五行音阶,融汇于非洲风格的打击乐和拉丁美洲的雨竹, 在吉他的跳动旋律中欢快舞动。

Elementi Eterni (Eternal Elements)

 Track 1: “La Citta' Della Bellezza” (The City of Beauty) awakens us to the beauty in our everyday lives.
Track 2: “Il Mare Eterno” (The Eternal Sea) calls us. We embark on our journey of self-discovery. The new world is fluid and dreamlike, yet electrifying.
Track 3: “Il Volo Della Fiamma” (The Flight of The Flame) brings passion and creatively for life. We undulate as we dance on the flames.
Track 4: “Track 4: “L'avventura Oggi” (The Adventure Today) awaits us. We’re ready to move and shake the new world.

Music from Elementi Eterni features in the film "The Puppy Thief"


Performer: Ney Mello: All tracks, guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, drums, rain stick
Performer: Bobby Muncy: Track 4, soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones and flute
Composer: Ney Mello: All tracks
Producers: Shawn Cartwright and Yinong Chong
Engineering: Ney Mello, Carnaby 69 Studios
Cover Art: Judah Lynn
© MMXIV TCCII Productions. All Rights Reserved.

About the Artists

Ney Mello
Guitar Virtuoso

Get Elementi Eterni, a masterpiece of jazz fusion meditation, featuring Ney Mello and Bobby Muncy.

Ney Mello is a part of an illustrious extended musical family in his native Brasil, counting among his cousins both jazz sax legend Victor Assis Brasil and jazz guitarist Gustavo Assis Brasil. He represented Brazil by invitation from the Brazilian government in the First Ibero-American Chamber Music Festival in Washington D.C. on October 28, 1998 playing Vila Lobos preludes, two compositions by Egberto Gismonti, and his original composition "Jogos De Mar" as featured soloist on classical guitar.

He then retired from the classical music scene in order to focus on jazz, rock, electronic, bossa nova and film soundtrack music. Ney Mello received 6 Wammie Award Nominations for “Voyages of Fire” in the categories of Best International Album, Best Classical Album, Best Ethnic Album, and Best Jazz Album.

Mr. Mello is a voting member of The Recording Academy for the Grammy Awards. His album “Meditations,” which was used as a soundtrack for an internet charity fundraising campaign, received the first prize in a US government competition for Best National Multimedia Soundtrack.

Ney Mello was nominated in 2004 for the prestigious international World Culture Open award in New York, USA under the auspices of The United Nations in the creative arts category "for his outstanding contribution to humanity through culture as a creative force for human expression and peaceful co-existence.

Ney Mello performed his compositions and improvisations for Vice President Al Gore at his birthday celebration in Washington DC. He subsequently received another invitation to perform on solo guitar for First Lady Barbara Bush in Washington DC.

Mr. Mello has been playing live, recording as guest soloist on various artist's records (including a number one hit and a number two SoundClick chart hit with singer Sherreece), and teaching since 1975. He has several musical instrument and audio equipment endorsement deals. He has taught master classes and clinics at Howard University and Towson University as well as the Duke Ellington School of the Arts.

Mr. Mello is also film soundtrack music composer. Some of his projects include MTV, DC film Festival, US government internet charity campaign ( 1st place award ), and two of his songs submitted by invitation for the soundtrack of the first "Iron Man' film starring Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow.


Bobby Muncy

Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Miami, Florida, Robert Muncy was 11 when he began studying the clarinet, then moved to the tenor saxophone in school and at 16, began playing with several groups in South Florida. Over the next 16 years Robert Muncy has played professionally along the east coast and toured internationally with several bands.

He has performed with The Temptations, Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Platters, The Drifters, The Spinners, Skip Mahoney and the Casuals, Joe Piscopo, Nestor Torres, Bobby Parker, Tabou Combo, D’Zine, Wayna, Joe Herrera, Anthony Pirog, Thad Wilson Big Band, Matt Rippetoe, Will Rast, Rodney Richardson, John Lee, Chick Hall, The Funkark and many others. Robert has performed at such venues and events such as Blues Alley, Twins Jazz, The Blue Note (New York), Bohemian Cavern, The Van Dyke Cafe, Mobile Jazz Festival (Mobile, AL), Abruzzo Jazz Festival (Italy), Notre Dame Jazz Festival (South Bend, IN), The National Zoo - Zoofari, Calle Ocho (Miami, FL), Bogarts in the Fan (Richmond, VA), The Birchmere (Alexandria, VA), The American Visionary Arts Museum (Baltimore, MD), Osyrus Fest, Bossa Bistro (Washington, D.C.), The Air and Space Museum, National Museum of Art Sculpture Garden, just to name a few.

Robert Muncy received his bachelors degree in jazz studies from Florida State University, masters degree in jazz saxophone performance from The University of Maryland.

Bobby continues to work as a leader as well as work with respected musicians in the greater Washington D.C. area. Some of these include:

The Bobby Muncy Octet
Joe Herrera-Trumpet Brad Linde-Saxophone Anthony Pirog-Guitar Nathan Lincoln-Decusatis-Piano Kevin Pace-Bass Dennis Hoffman-Drums Len Seikaly-Voice

Funk Ark
Joe Herrera-Trumpet Matt Rippetoe-Tenor Saxophone Bobby Muncy-Alto/Baritone Saxophones Jay Hatler-Trombone Will Rast-Organ/Leader Rodney Richardson-Guitar Marc Blackwood-Electric Bass Josh Kay-Percussion Jeff Franca-Drums

Anthony Pirog Project
Anthony Pirog-Guitar Joe Hererra-Trumpet Bobby Muncy-Tenor Saxophone Janel Leppin-Cello Jeff Reed-Bass Larry Ferguson-Drums

Joe Herrera and the Landscapers
Anthony Pirog-Guitar Joe Hererra-Trumpet/Leader Bobby Muncy-Bass Clarinet Matt Rippetoe-Tenor Saxophone Dave McDonald-Drums

The D.C. New Music Consortium
Anthony Pirog-Guitar Joe Hererra-Trumpet Bobby Muncy-Tenor Saxophone Janel Leppin-Cello Jeff Reed-Bass Larry Ferguson-Drums

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