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A Powerful Way to Deal with Chaos and Overwhelm

Are you feeling like things are out of control, chaotic, or overwhelming right now? 

Shawn Cartwright, Co-Founder and Executive Director shares specific strategies and actions to take control of your life and positively impact the world in this interview by Lucie Tesarova, a a board-certified personal and business coach.

You'll also get a powerful Golden Light Meditation you can use anytime to amp up your energy and activate your healing potential.

Here are a few of the topics covered.

  • Why health should be a #1 priority for business owners [2:15]
  • Leadership [4:40]
  • Time blocks [7:20]
  • Boundaries [8:45]
  • Self-leadership [10:18]
  • Guided Meditation [14:40]
  • Dealing with Emotions [33:30]
  • Spreading (the virus of) hope, courage, inspiration, and innovation! [49:50]

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Wishing you good health and prosperity!

Shawn & Yinong



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