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Chen Quanzhong - Taijiquan


Chen Quanzhong
International Grandmaster of Chen Taijiquan

Grandmaster Chen Quanzhong (陈全忠) is the most senior of the 19th generation Chen family Taiji masters. He teaches Lao Jia, or Old Original Chen Tai Chi Chuan. His form is believed to be the oldest surviving method of Tai Chi Chuan.

With more than 90 years experience training and teaching Chen Shi Taijiquan, Grandmaster Chen’s teaching method is methodical and thorough. He teaches to each student’s level of ability. He has taught over 10,000 students in China, the United States, and Europe. Chen Quanzhong is President of the Xian Chen Style Taiji Association. He created the 36 forms of Chen Taiji, which reduced the repetition in the form without simplifying the art, which makes the form more accessible to beginners.

Grandmaster Chen was born in 1925 in Chenjiagou Village in Henan Province. He began his training at the age of five with his father Chen Shigong. He is one of the few living Chen masters to have trained with 16th and 17th Generation family members. These include Chen Liangzhi (16th generation), Chen Guoying (17th generation) and Chen Shengsan (17th generation). His family moved to Xian in Shaanxi Province during World War II. In Xian he continued his training with Chen Jingping and Chen Jinao (both 18th generation). He also trained with Chen Shouli (17th generation, and a student of Chen Fake).

Grandmaster Chen's son, Chen Xili, and his grandson Chen Bin now teach alongside him. TCCII Executive Director Shawn Cartwright is a 20th Generation Indoor Student and adopted son of Grandmaster Chen. He is the only Indoor Disciple of Grandmaster Chen in North America.

Grandmaster Chen teaches the complete original Tai Chi Chuan Curriculum to his indoor students. This includes Post Standing, Body Opening Exercises, Qigong, Silk Reeling, 13 Postures, Yi Lu Form (36 Movements) Yi Lu Form (72 Movements), Er Lu (Cannon Fist or Pao Chui), Sword, Sabre, Guan Dao, Spear/Staff, Long Pole, Push hands, Fa Jing, Applications, Qin Na, Shuai Jiao, San Shou and Nei Gong.

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