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A Fall into a Ditch Makes you Smarter

Every time you tumble down the gully you learn something new you can use to avoid future pitfalls.

“The secret of success is simple, double your rate of failure.” – Tom Watson

Tom Watson, legendary found of IBM sounds a lot like an ancient Chinese sage. He’s been there, done that!


Successful people aren’t successful because they’re smarter or luckier. They’re successful because they’re persistent in ways others are not.

Unfortunately, most of us were taught by society to be careful, avoid risks. If we try something, someone says, “Don’t do that!”

But once upon a time, we were all rebels – toddlers that looked at the world upside down.

I remember watching my son learn to run (he skipped walking). He’d pull himself up and charge.


Then he’d laugh, get back up and go again. Each time he got a little farther.

Before we knew it, he could flatten the adults and outrun everyone.

That’s what successful people do.

We recently learned a $34,000 lesson

Our longtime friends and students know our new website is one of many in a long line of websites.

We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on several iterations of technology, trying to get it right.

HTML, JAVA, WordPress, WooCommerce, random this, crazy that…

It never quite worked right.

We were done, done, DONE.

But then we remembered our mission – to Bridge East and West and make a positive impact on the lives of millions of people.

We took some time and reflected on what we learned with each failed version (and wasting enough money to buy a semester of tuition at a private university!)

We spent six more months researching and then went ALL IN.

Now we have a seamless way to deliver our best material 24/7, on demand!

And looking back on it, that $34,000 wasn’t wasted.

We learned more spending it than we could in a pile of university classes.

It was an investment in ourselves – and in you.

We hope you invest in yourself.

Cheng Man Ching, one of my Tai Chi grand teachers said, “Invest in loss.”

Take massive action and learn from it.

Love and light,

Shawn and Yinong

PS – We’ve gotten so much positive response about our Meditation & Qigong Classes Many of our students are already experts in their field: Yoga, meditation, science, wellness, physics, music, dance, medicine, teaching, you name it!

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