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A Tiger with Wings

The term “Flying Tiger” conjures up images of brave airmen in P-40s who helped defend China from invasion in WWII.

But this phrase also has a long history in Chinese culture.

Simply put, it means to “double your power.”

The tiger has long been a potent symbol of power in the East. No one in their right mind would face a tiger “mano-a-mano”.

What if you could take the awesomeness of the tiger and double it?

How would you do it?

Ordinary thinking would say you make the tiger twice as big, fast, or strong.

Not an easy thing to do for something already near its full potential.

Sun Zi, the great military strategist, advocated the use of the Orthodox and Unorthodox in warfare.

While resources may be limited, wisdom can create new ways to leverage what you already have.

Unorthodox thinking says, “Can we add some wings to the tiger?”

Could you imagine 500 pounds of teeth, claws, and one bad-ass attitude flying towards you?

“Oh Sh*t!”

That’s probably what the Imperial Army thought in WWII when they came up against the Flying Tigers who helped defend Kunming.

Although never more than a few dozen planes, through skill, unorthodox tactics, and shear grit, they put up such a fight the invaders through they were facing several hundred fighters.

Here are Three Ways to Double Your Power

Think Differently: Seriously, we know it’s fashionable to say these days, but we really mean it. When we’re stuck and trying to find a solution to a problem, we often just “double down” and plow through it. Sometimes this works, but realize, you only have so much time in the day. Ask yourself, “Is there another resource I could use? Maybe something outside my current industry or toolbox?” If you haven’t read it yet, pick up a copy of “The Art of War” by Sun Zi. This book shares a lot about Unorthodox Thinking, which can easily double our power.

Boost Your Internal Energy: We can only get so much out of good food, exercise, and sleep. These are important, but to reach our full potential, we must look inward to amplify our own internal energy. If you already have a strong meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, or yoga practice, then you’re good to go. If not, then consider powering up your practice. Our Meditation & Qigong Classes teach the exact meditations and movements we use every day to double our power!

Enjoy the Benefits of Leverage: Are you still doing every – single - thing - all - by - yourself? If so, then it’s no wonder you don’t have the energy to get the big things done. By outsourcing the repetitive tasks like cleaning or mowing the lawn, we free up time and energy to put into the creative tasks. When we do this, we use leverage to double our power.

Now you know how to double to your power. Pick one idea and run with it and you’ll surely become a “Tiger with Wings.”

What one change will you make, today?

Love and light,

Shifu Shawn Cartwright and Dr. Yinong Chong

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