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Shifu Steve Alsup, Martial Artist and Master Teacher

"Old Boxers Never Die, They Only Dematerialize"

In Memory of

Steve Alsup, Sifu
July 21, 1954 -- March 19, 2019

Mr. Steve Alsup began his martial arts training in the late 1960s. He trained with many prominent teachers, but the most significant influence on his art was Mr. Christopher Casey. He studied Mr Casey's methods of Chinese Boxing, Fukien White Crane, Wing Chun, Wa Lu, Tai Chi, Hsing-I Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, SASG, and Chin Na. Mr. Alsup was fortunate to be one of the few indoor students of Mr. Casey which enabled him to learn Mr. Casey's personal method of Internal Kung Fu, called Kai Sai Kung Fu which includes Iron Shirt, Qigong, Mind Training and esoteric methods.

Mr. Alsup's early training included Okinawan Karate, Judo, and Shaolin Kung Fu. He trained with Daniel K. Pai and trained in Pai Lum Kung Fu, Northern and Southern Shaolin, Chinese Kempo, and Chinese Boxing. Mr. Alsup also learned Pai Te Lung, a method reserved for indoor students. Throughout his years of training, Mr. Alsup studied with many other martial arts masters including Wally Jay, Bill Louie, Tao Ping Siang, and Chen Xiao Wang.

Alsup Kung Fu School: The Academy of Chinese Energy Boxing
The Alsup Kung Fu School teaches authentic Kung Fu, Chi Kung, Chinese Boxing, and Tai Chi Chuan to students in the Greater Nashville, Tennessee area. The school is centrally located in Murfreesboro, TN an easy drive from Nashville, Franklin, and Lebanon.

Kung Fu Styles
The Kung Fu styles taught include Chen Tai Chi Chuan, Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Wing Chun, Fukien White Crane, Wa Lu, Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Hsing-I and Chinese Boxing. Chi Kung (Qigong) study is also available.

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