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Qigong and Tai Chi Training in Wudang China

How to Learn Wudang Mountain Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu

Wudang Mountain Style is an ancient Chinese martial art form that combines elements from many different styles. From the legendary origins of Tai Chi Chuan to the famous Wudang Sword Kung Fu. Watch this video to learn more about the myriad styles and forms form this sublime Daoist mountain.

Video of Daoist Nei Gong and Kung Fu training on Wudang Mountain. This video features performances of Wudang Kung Fu by some amazing students. Master Wang Shen Li, a Long Men Taoist Priest demonstrates Zhang San Feng Tai Chi at the Purple Cloud Temple (紫雲宮) on Wu Dang Shan (武當山).

Students of all ages from across the US joined us on our annual Journey to China to learn the Taoist Qigong and martial arts. Arts shown include selections from Taiji, Bagua Circle Walking, Wu Qin Xi, and Tai Yi Quan.

Get started on your journey to mastering Wudang Mountain style martial arts by mastering the basics first.

The one thing all authentic internal Kung Fu and Qigong have in common is a focus on development of Qi, or internal energy. There are 3 Secrets that everyone who practice Nei Jia Arts (Internal Arts) needs to know to activate the hidden Qi power in a form, move, posture, or stance.

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